What We Do

Richwood Oak has a wealth of experience in traditional oak carpentry. We work with a traditional, sustainable and locally sourced English oak. This material has been used in our country for many centuries and is prized for both its practical durability and aesthetic pleasure.

We use traditional techniques that have been developed by centuries of woodworking craft. We machine all of our own posts, beams, plates and braces out of selected New Forest Oak and use hand crafted mortice-and-tenon joints to tie our oak framed buildings together. This means that over time, as the wood gradually dries out, the joints tighten and the oak framed building gains strength as it ages.


How We Do It


We aim to provide a complete service that matches clients’ requirements.


This can mean a range of things depending on individual circumstance. The main situations we are involved with can be described as follows:


From project conception to project completion

This will normally entail a period of planning to specify, agree and build custom design projects. The success of this type of project means working successfully with a team that normally encompasses architects, planners and regulatory and compliance agencies.


Project Construction

A client has an agreed design and planning permission has been granted.

We will tender for work in-line with a project specification. This may or may not include groundwork’s, roofing, plumbing and electrical installation.


Self Build

We have experience of working with clients who want to have a very ‘hands on’ approach to a project and are in effect self-builders who need to have specific oak construction expertise on-hand for all, or part of a project.

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